Local Government Finance Consulting

Are you a Local Government Finance Professional?

If you require assistance with a special project in the finance department that you don’t have the time to execute and supervise, consider outsourcing to Integral Accounting Inc – Chartered Professional Accountant.

Integral can help you:

  • Implement CaseWare to streamline the preparation of annual working papers, LGDE, and SOFI
  • Implement CaseView to take control of your financial statements
  • Design internal and external financial reports
  • Evaluate, strengthen, and document internal controls
  • Adopt new PSAB handbook sections

Turn to Integral for:

  • Preparation of year end financial statements and working papers
  • LGDE and SOFI reporting
  • Evaluation, improvement, and documentation of internal controls
  • Public sector GST and PST compliance
  • Contract accounting and finance support via remote access
Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you work?

Integral Accounting Inc. will attend your office during regular business hours. After-hours work may be performed remotely from Integral’s office location.

How do I get started?

Integral provides a complimentary one-hour consultation to help you decide:

  • what is the scope of your project;
  • whether staff support is required; and
  • what is an appropriate project budget.

Contact Integral to schedule your complimentary consultation.