Local Government Finance Consulting

Are you a Local Government Finance Professional?

If you have a special project in the finance department that you don’t have the time to execute and supervise, consider outsourcing to Integral Accounting.

Integral can help you:

  • Implement CaseWare to streamline the preparation of annual working papers, LGDE, and SOFI
  • Implement CaseView to take control of your financial statements
  • Design internal and external financial reports
  • Evaluate, strengthen, and document internal controls
  • Adopt new PSAB handbook sections

Integral provides:

  • Preparation of year end financial statements and working papers
  • LGDE and SOFI reporting
  • Evaluation, improvement, and documentation of internal controls
  • Public sector GST and PST compliance
  • Contract accounting and finance support via remote access
Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you work?

Integral Accounting can attend your office during regular business hours, or perform work remotely from Integral’s office.

How do I get started?

Integral provides a complimentary consultation to help you decide:

  • what is the scope of your project;
  • whether staff support is required; and
  • what is an appropriate project budget.